Stay in the Spotlight by Becoming a APCO 2021 Sponsor

APCO 2021 Sponsors not only receive increased visibility but receive a lot of benefits that will keep them in the spotlight.

Check out the advertising and sponsorship brochure for high exposure opportunities that will get you noticed before, during and after APCO 2021. There are also maps of the onsite visibilities so you see where and how your onsite sponsorship will look.

Featured Sponsorships

Program Guide Ads

Place your ad in the official APCO 2021 program guide. This guide will be in the hands of every attendee, not only during APCO 2021, but also used as a resource guide when they return to the office. Ads can now be purchased directly from the exhibitor portal.

Email Ads (page 3 of brochure)
$2,000/per email – Full Prospect Reach | 1,500/per email – Attendee Reach (registered attendees & exhibitors)

Design a banner ad that will get noticed and include a hyperlink to increase awareness of your company and/or brand.

Exhibitor Emails to Attendees (page 3 of brochure)
$825/per email Pre-attendee | $1,400/per email – Post-attendee

Exhibitors can send an email to registered APCO 2021 attendees who have opted-in to receive promotional messages. Use this sponsorship to start the conversation with attendees before the event even begins, or to keep the conversation going with a follow-up post-event email.

Column Wraps (page 7 of brochure)
$4,500 – $5,000 (3 outside) | $5,000 each (10 inside)

Wrap your brand on columns inside and outside of the convention center for all to see. See map for locations.

Railing Clings (page 8 of brochure)
$5,000 and up

These double-sided glass clings located on level 2 can be seen from the main lobby as well. Spotlight your message for all to see.

Purchases can be made in the APCO 2021 Exhibitor Portal.

Advertising and sponsorship opportunities are also open to non-exhibitors at a slightly higher rate. If you are a non-exhibitor and interested in being an APCO 2021 sponsor, contact Tracy Tarlton at or 571-312-4400 X 7014.

For a customized package or more information, contact:

Exhibit Management, Sponsorships, Advertising and Corporate Partner Program
Lisa C. Williams, CMP, CEM
Director of Corporate Outreach
(571) 312-4400 ext. 7003
Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales
Tracy Tarlton
Corporate Outreach Sales Manager
(571) 312-4400 ext. 7014
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